Wednesday, 28 May 2008


I recently installed Site Meter, out of curiosity as to how many people read this blog and where they come from. Turns out it's an endless source of fascination, amusement and distraction (wouldn't you know it, I'm trying to write an essay due Friday.)

Here are some of the search terms that landed people on my blog:
  • what men find as bitchy clothes
  • girl photo bitchy night
  • penelope shuttle poem analysis lunulae
  • three lunulae
  • Three lunulae, turor museum
  • anything but clothes
  • girls are bitchy to guys
  • bitchy girls names (there's such a thing?)
  • bitchy clothes (pray tell, what are they?!)
  • casual clothes day
  • how to write an unseen commentary prose
  • how to write paper 1 english commentary prose
  • I think therefore IB
  • cop girls naked (this is where they landed, OK?)
  • don't understand what to do when girl feels bitchy (my answer: leave her alone)
  • never had laryngitis

Obviously most people landed on me because of the word bitchy, girls, etc, but I can't have been much help to the people wondering how to write a commentary or looking up Three Lunulae. How humorous.

Just a girl


-M said...

i laughed for an hour when reading "cop girls naked". Nice. They were sadly dissapointed!

x M

Kell said...

I love things like site meter. wordpress does it automatically and it is totally hilarious to see what people searched for. I enjoy it immensly. Also Geysers, I dont know if you know what they are so if you do and I explain them to you I will feel really dumb. Mostly its just super heated water that reaches the surface and finally builds enough pressure that the water explodes out of holes in the surface... heh. they look kindof like ocean blow holes now I feel retarded. anyways in your many travels you ought to visit yellowstone. even if its not as exciting as hawaii or africa.