Friday, 5 August 2011


Saw this on FB. Hilarious!

A couple of days after I arrived in San Jose, I realised that, for the next six months, I'm - for want of a better phrase - at peace with being single for the next 6 months. BELIEVE IT. I've accepted it, and I'm OK with it - I'm actually happy about it, because I'm footloose and fancy free! I haven't left anyone at home, and I'm realistic enough to know (and not deluded enough to expect) that I'm not going to meet anyone on this trip - not long enough for a meaningful relationship, but so what? I'm going to have the most fabulous time. I realised: it doesn't matter.

And yes friends, I know it's taken me some years to come to that conclusion, but it's something that had been eating away at me, especially before and after I turned 21. Because who thinks they're going to be that old and never been kissed, or had a proper boyfriend? But although this makes me feel naive, inexperienced, completely in the dark and sometimes immature, I try to keep perspective: I'm still very, very young and have so much life ahead of me.

So anyway, I had my Eat Pray Love moment about how I'm better off single, how the next 5 months are all about me and I'm going to enjoy it, and then I had to go and have a super lovely, very vivid (and totally non-sexual people!) dream about that boy I like back home. Goddammit. I figured this would be the perfect way to forget about him, since I've been mooning over him for months before I left (new boy - what a surprise! - not either of the these guys). Anyway he was away for three weeks before I left, but we had breakfast the day before I flew out, which was really nice (his hair was grown out, and he looked soooooo cute) and that was supposed to be the end of it. But no - last night I dreamt that we were in Melbourne (but as is the surreal nature of dreams, it didn't look like Melbourne), walking around late at night - the pretext is kind of funny, I think we were on our way home but I left my purse somewhere, which we went back to find, except we couldn't - because of course it turned out that I'd had it the whole time! (Sadly, a fairly true-to-life scenario, as exhibited by this occurance at work: I left my scarf at work one night and come back the next day but can't find it. I was told all the clothes/lost property was thrown out. My amazing manager helped me look through the dumpters out the back, to no avail. Cue me finding the scarf in my locker, where I'd asked another manager to put it the night before when I left. Fact. Major shame = major LOLs!)

ANYWAY it was one of those really intense, feels-like-life, warm-contented-cocoon dreams - it was kind of flirty, and it felt like he liked me back. Do you know how hard that is to wake up from?

Ugh. Stupid boys. Ha ha.

But never fear my friends, in spite of my subconscious teasing me I am having the time of my life here in Costa Rica! Expect less about me and more actually about this gorgeous country after the weekend - I'm off to Monteverde, bitches! Cloud Forest, here I come!


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